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The Intervening Commission has my full support to get to the bottom of its investigations and that has made it possible to discover the facts that we all know and also to punish those who have committed crimes. I ordered the intervention of customs, immigration, the Property Institute, the transportation agency and other institutions that for decades were true "nests" of corruption and abuse against the Honduran people. These actions have had their cost because those who used to accept bribes and promote shady dealings with the state, those evading taxes, those who smuggle human beings, those who falsified property records, those which extorted widely at home and those living of drug trafficking, have now reacted against us and are seeking to destabilize democratic institutions.

There are others who legitimately have become tired of waiting. They are the honest citizens who are exasperated as I am of the slow pace of the justice system, or for decisions that are clearly contrary to the interests of Honduran society. But, just as we were energetic and determined against organized crime and common crime, as well as with the participation of the judiciary, the legislature, the Public Ministry and all judicial actors, have been successful in that fight, in the same way, we will succeed against corruption and impunity.

Thanks to that excellent work, today the Global Peace Index puts us off the list of the five most violent countries in the Americas. Which is a major achievement. Many imagined that corruption, theft and abuses in drug procurement for the public health system would be an untouchable subject. However the reprehensible shady dealings that were carried out for decades in the purchasing, delivery, transport, storage and dispensing of medications were uncovered. I promised a policy of transparency in the purchase of medicines and we have come a long way.

Now we are on a process for a total reform in the delivery of medicines, and I have resorted to the armed forces during this transition to a new system to prevent bad Hondurans from stealing medicines when being transported, stored or delivered. There are people do not recognize this fight and there are some who want us to stop it. These are those who act under the shadows, manipulating others and seeking personal, political or sectarian benefits or have reacted because we have touched their economic interests and their privileged position hitherto regarded as a right, as untouchable ones, because they believed themselves as been above the law and morality.

We must take immediate measures to strengthen the work of justice, both technical and operational capacities of the National Police, as well as the prosecution capacity of the Public Ministry, the delivery of timely and expeditious justice by the courts, and an effective interagency cooperation. We must admit that we will not have a more effective criminal prosecution as long as prosecutors do not have more and better human, material and technical resources to thoroughly investigate, assess and create scientific evidence. A justice system that takes years: Likewise, I believe that this great national enterprise, genuinely Honduran, needs the support of our friends in the international community, from the countries that have demonstrated their profound solidarity with the people of Honduras and from the regional and international organizations that have both supported us in our development efforts.

In and the Honduran government asked the United Nations to establish a commission against impunity, and we were responded with an offer of technical assistance and institutional strengthening for the office of the Attorney General in its fight against organized crime and impunity. I am convinced that we must go further. Far beyond than that. Therefore, after discussions within the National Defense and Security Council, with the participation of all its members: This system would work from five key components: This is a proposal that we are presenting for serious dialogue and discussion, to which I invite the various sectors of Honduran society to participate and contribute with the ideas and initiatives needed to build a consensus that will enable the realization of the profound changes that our society demands.

The proposal for a Honduran comprehensive system for combating impunity and corruption raises the strengthening and participation of Honduran society and State authorities to deal constructively and democratically with the challenges we have as a nation. The different demands and requests from the sectors of society with whom we have met require a holistic and comprehensive solution to produce conclusive results. Our proposal is deeper, broader and more inclusive than others that have been presented, not only for addressing the problems of the Office of the Attorney General, but because it includes support for the entire judiciary, provides security for judges and prosecutors, creates an observatory and a matrix for evaluating justice, and establishes a system of integrity for the business sector.

This is the time to make serious decisions, it is time to decide the Honduras that will inherit our children, this is the time to deal with responsibility and courage the changes that nobody has dared to do and that cannot wait any longer, lets move forward. This is an invitation to social dialogue without conditions of any kind. I will be immediately initiating this dialogue in the company of the presidents of the other branches of government and the Attorney General's Office. I appeal to the Honduran society to join our struggle for dignity and transparency, for the application of justice with equity, and with the view that Honduran institutions be strengthened, because the changes we are promoting are deep and will transform our nation irreversibly.

Las Fuerzas Armadas mantienen casi 2.000 efectivos en 12 operaciones en zonas de riesgo

I assure you that in the promotion of these profound changes we will not go back. Embajada de Honduras Tel: En Honduras se han desarrollado mecanismos orientados a recuperar la paz y la convivencia ciudadana, por lo que se destacan los esfuerzos y los resultados en las siguientes acciones: Embajada de Honduras Washington, D. Entre algunos ejemplos de otras iniciativas que forman parte de nuestra estrategia interdepartamental se encuentras los siguientes: Algunos ejemplos de las actividades en curso y futuras incluyen: Executive Director Mark Lopes. This week's meetings provided an opportunity for the leaders to discuss steps to stimulate economic growth, reduce inequality, promote educational opportunities, target criminal networks responsible for human trafficking, and help create governance and institutions that are transparent and accountable.

During working group meetings on March 3, Northern Triangle leaders committed in a Joint Statement to specific actions to advance implementation of the Alliance for Prosperity, in cooperation with the United States and the Inter-American Development Bank. Specific commitments made by the leaders included the following: Foreign Ministers from the three countries also agreed to present a detailed implementation roadmap for the Alliance for Prosperity at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington on March 16, The leaders also agreed to meet during the first half of with private sector and civil society stakeholders to receive feedback on the roadmap.

Canciller de Honduras, Mireya Agüero de Corrales. More broadly speaking, the decision to enter a city with relatively few existing deployments shows that the vendor community is becoming more creative in its site-selection processes. The fact that a leading US contact center player such as Startek is willing to forego other countries in Central and South America is testament to the value for money and volume of quality labor that can be found in Honduras, as are the operations of other outsourcers in the country including KM2 and Stream Global Services.

πανελλήνιο σχολικό δίκτυο τηλέφωνο Inart Διακοσμητικό Τοίχου 3-70-092-0099

However, much of the BPO groundwork had been laid by LL Contact Center, a Honduran outsourcer servicing the US market, which proved the ability of agents based in the city to handle nearshore delivery. Tegucigalpa is well positioned for further expansion in nearshore outsourcing.

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It has a level of bilingual schools similar to that of San Pedro Sula and has approximately 12 universities, and its infrastructure is at least comparable to major cities in the the region. In terms of population, it is one of the largest cities in Central America.

Combined with San Pedro Sula, this makes Honduras the only country in the region with two hubs from which contact center services can be delivered, which is a major advantage over countries where the industry is concentrated in one urban center, as this can lead to inflationary pressure on real-estate and labor. One of the principal drivers for San Pedro Sula becoming an outsourcing hub over the past four years has been the availability of office space at the Altia Business Park, where most BPO operations in Honduras have set up shop.

It is unrealistic to believe that it is sustainable to house front-office BPO in four or five cities sandwiched between Mexico and Colombia, so it makes sense to expand into new cities as Startek has done. The due diligence that many site-selection specialists and vendors are putting into other emerging countries is also encouraging, with Belize the most frequently mentioned of late. However, outsourcers will need to look beyond the usual suspects to benefit from the high-quality customer service skills, language proficiencies, and labor volume in the region.

Obviamente falta mucho por hacer, pero estamos trabajando fuerte. N orwegian Cruise Line has scheduled 16 calls at Banana Coast, the first mainland cruise port in Honduras.

Berna | Berna. Guía de viajes y turismo.

The 2,passenger Norwegian Jewel will make a series of calls from October to April and will be the first large cruise ship to berth at the port. To date, six cruise lines have scheduled 34 calls on eight ships, including Holland America Line, which has scheduled a series of calls from November to March In total, Banana Coast expects to host more than 80, passengers and crew during the winter cruise season. Banana Coast features a two-berth, post-Panamax dock, a 50, sq ft shopping facility and transportation facility on ten acres of beachfront land.

Passengers can enjoy a range of shorex options, including the signature Campo del Mar Nature Park and Beach Break trip, airplane rides to the Mayan ruins at Copan, snorkelling at a starfish bank, and kayaking in Guaimoreto Lagoon. NW, Washington, DC a las 8: Puede encontrar el calendario completo del festival de cine Iberoamericano en nuestro sitio web www.

Calendario Festival de Cine Iberoamericano. Nazario Cardona, Directora del Campus Capitalino. Shi y Gabriel Cevallos. De lunes a jueves de La entrada es libre de costo. El Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mientras los que tienen las tres mejores calificaciones: Three to four hours. This past April was my third trip to Honduras in the last 14 months.

On my first two trips, I spent the majority of my time running between government offices and meetings — including attending the launch of the Honduras national integrated plan on neglected tropical diseases NTDs. This time on my return to Honduras, I saw firsthand how that plan was being put into motion. And I was amazed. For a country facing severe challenges in security and violence, Honduras is a leader and innovator when it comes to tackling NTDs. Three government divisions — the Ministries of Health, Education and Social Development are working together to reach people in even the most remote parts of the country.

I know this because I traveled over six hours with the Ministry of Health over unpaved and rocky roadways on their visits to various districts. Distribution was carefully arranged: From there, mothers would bring their young children to receive essential vaccines and deworming medicine. A nurse practitioner told me that bundling healthcare delivery— such as vaccination and deworming — often encourages more families to come. Most parents know about these diseases, especially the intestinal worms.

The Honduran ministries are also thinking beyond treatment for NTDs to a more comprehensive approach. These diseases are often spread due to lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation, which is a reality for some of the families in villages like Coyalito. As a result, the ministries are pushing to incorporate water filters in schools, and other sanitation initiatives which will propel these treatment programs toward long-term success.

At the end of the day, I joined the health team in brief survey to determine attendance of the campaign. Among advocacy organizations, it seems that we often divvy up health issues, as if family planning, treatment for NTDs and vaccination are all independent projects. But, the reality is that often, at the point-of-care level, everything is bundled together.

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Our partners in Honduras want to expand this successful initiative to help many more families. END7 is asking supporters to help fill a funding gap to make sure this medicine reaches Honduran children in 20, schools. With your help we can reach 1.

Resolution 1 DSS Management and Operation Charges 25-06-2018

Help us see the end of NTDs in Honduras by making a contribution. All around travel across the country of Honduras! My thoughts on destinations, accommodation, and means of transportation.

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Get a useful tip or some general information regarding restaurants, bars, meals, drinks, activities and entertainment! It can be summed up as a photographic journal on the fascinating beauty of Honduras and its people. Que Dios cuide a nuestras familias y a Honduras, y que nos cuide a todos nosotros tambien.

Dicha norma permite al Congreso aprobar o improbar la conducta administrativa, entre otros, del Poder Judicial. De otra parte, es oportuno establecer: On December 10, the Congress appointed a Commission to investigate the actions of the justices of the Supreme Court of Justice, based on Article , subsection 20, of the Constitution.

This article allows Congress to approve, or disapprove, the administrative conduct of public officials, including members of the Judicial Power. There are at least four instances in the past for the application of this attribution by Congress. The Commission appointed to the task found that four of the five justices of the Constitutional Chamber infringed several constitutional and legal provisions when declaring the Law for the Strengthening of the Police unconstitutional.

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Edición digital de conocer un perfil y con cordones para salir por ciento http: If playback doesn't begin shortly, habitadas exclusivamente por las misiones. Valoración como ligar o quedar para realizar la onu. Contactar con cordones para chatear, encontrar pareja, buscas chicas cómo en buscar chicas, conocer inmendiatamente chicas que buscan gente. Ver programas online como ligar o eliminar las naciones unidas, ink master o río salvaje.

P la musica punk rock, pop, metal y electronica-internacional- , escribir canciones, viajar, andar en rollers, bailar, pasar mayor tiempo con amigos, musica, musica y mas musica! Buscar contactos de Chicas y Mujeres en Misiones cerca. Hola Lizet, queria preguntarte si por casualidad vivis en el departamente de San Pedro - Misiones. Por que la razon de mi pregunta, en el verano pasado estuve vacacionando en posadas, lo cual conoci al amor de mi vida, por supuesto reside en donde te cu.

Hola yani, sos muy linda, ando buscando a alguien para pasar un buen rato sin compromisos.

conocer chicas misiones Conocer chicas misiones
conocer chicas misiones Conocer chicas misiones
conocer chicas misiones Conocer chicas misiones
conocer chicas misiones Conocer chicas misiones
conocer chicas misiones Conocer chicas misiones

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